Portrait, Self-Portrait Series

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Not Who You See(m)

Drawing 1, Not Who You Seem. PE Pinkman

A series of 30 graphite drawing chronicling how a person’s exterior changes over time, implicating the internal unseen changes that have happened as well.
Series images coming soon!

100 Days of a Pandemic


A series of 100 images, each completed in one day, created for 100 consecutive days during the COVID-19 pandemic. The drawings are multimedia using pencil, charcoal, watercolor, ink, pen, acrylic, beet juice, etc.

Selfie Portraits
2014 to 2022

Kayleigh - Selfie, Oil on panel, 24" x 18"

A series of 12 portraits done from ‘selfie’ photographs provided by each subject (*Exception: Richa and Nirvan.) All paintings are oil on panel or canvas except where noted as pastel.


The Watcher, Paul XO Pinkman. 2015. Oil on canvas. 24" h x 18" w

14 images, some of which are paintings and some digital. They are produced by photographing friends in the studio and then elaborating on them via Photoshop. In the case of the paintings, the digital images were the ‘sketches.’

Motion Portraits

Dialog with Myself,

A series of 8 images, some drawn, some digital, focusing on the portrait of an individual in motion. How do we know someone, even when they’re moving? What makes someone identifiable? People in motion belie the truth of impermance.

Sticks and Stones

Spic (Julie), digital print, © 2011 Paul Pinkman

Series of 12 studio photographs of friends who sat while being asked a series of questions about negative things they remembered hearing or being told. These words were written on their faces using various media including ink, marker, lipstick, etc.