Healing Hands, Monday, 436 Digital Photograph 2014 not yet printed

Healing Hands, Monday, #436, Digital Photograph, 2014, not yet printed


A concept drawing for how the final installation might look on completion.

In my largest public project to date, RWJUH Rahway Hospital has awarded me a large scale photography project called, “Healing Hands”. The project focuses on how all the individuals who work in a health care institution contribute to the healthy outcome for all patients. The project, under way at this time, will result in a video about the project, up to 50 individual images to be hung and a large scale image combining the hands of all participants. Approximately 400 individuals have been photographed for this project. Nancy Ori (nancyoriphotography.com) and Kurt Farr of PinPoint Strategies (www.pinpointstrategies.com) are key partners in the development of this project. Below is a video of the project created for the hospital to introduce the project to its staff, practitioners, patients and their families. Stay tuned for more information as the project develops.